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2017 Cucalorus Stage Entry Form

**Dance-a-lorus applications are still being accepted!**
Regular / July 21
Late / July 27

We’re looking for original performances and productions: standup, storytelling, music, cabaret, theatre, comedy, happenings, installations, live art, and more! Creative crowd surfing encouraged. Submit your theatrical wonders here.

Cucalorus Stage Experience runs Nov. 8-12, 2017.

2017 Cucalorus Stage Entry Form
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Venue Details

List your venue preference . 1 as your preferred venue, 5 as your least preferred venue. This question is not applicable to dance-a-lorus or emcee applications.
Cabaret / Bar Standing Room. Capacity 300
Medium Theater. Capacity 220
Small, lo-fi. Capacity 85
Cabaret style. Capacity 80
Comedy Bar. Capacity 100
[50 words]
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[125 words or less] (this will be used in press and print)
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Work Sample

Dance-a-lorus applicants: Please submit a video of your proposed work up to five minutes in length. If you are a Wilmington local, and are interested in doing a possible live audition, please write "ILM live audition" in the URL or video link line, and you will be contacted about audition dates. All other applicants: If available, send us a url to your website, images, mp3 or video to represent your submission. If you don't have a video sample, please send a script and tech rider (when applicable) to stage@cucalorus.org with the subject line "submission material"
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Cucalorus requests information about race, ethnicity and gender in order to achieve greater equity across a range of different communities with a focus on supporting female filmmakers, filmmakers of color, gender diversity and other underrepresented populations of the film industry.
This signature acknowledges full awareness of all details associated with this entry form and warrants the legal right to enter.