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What is a Cucalorus?

cuc•a•lor•us n., [orig. Gk. kukaloris, the dance of the shadows.]1. a film set apparatus placed in front of a light source to create a dappled lighting effect on a subject or background. also cookie, UK. gobo. 2. a film festival in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Cucalorus Downloads

Download the Cucalorus Festival logo here.

Stills (300dpi) Downloads – Cucalorus 24

Find downloadable photos and stills for promoting Film, Stage, and Connect events here and photos from the 24th Annual Cucalorus Festival here. Please credit the photographer. Reach if you can’t find the specific photo you’re looking for.

In the News

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Filmed In NC – Recipients Announced!

Eleven filmmakers from North Carolina will receive project funding this year through the “Filmed in NC” fund. The program is an initiative of the Cucalorus Film Foundation and the NC Film Office with support from Artless Media in conjunction with The Magnifying Glass....

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Pop-Up Cinema Returns!

Pop Up Pop Up and Get Down Fancy a night picnic? Care for a sunset date? Looking for a family friendly excuse to get off the couch and into the grass? We’ve got you covered with a series of midsummer evening dreams, all for the small price of Free! Pop-Up Cinema...

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