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What is a Cucalorus?

cuc•a•lor•us n., [orig. Gk. kukaloris, the dance of the shadows.]1. a film set apparatus placed in front of a light source to create a dappled lighting effect on a subject or background. also cookie, UK. gobo. 2. a film festival in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Press Contacts

Dan Brawley,
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Cucalorus Downloads

Download the 25th anniversary Cucalorus logo here.
Download the Cucalorus Festival logo here.

Stills (300dpi) Downloads – Cucalorus 25

A Great Lamp

Always in Season



Black Barbie

Black Magic For White Boys


Cooked: Survival by Zip Code

Crafting an Echo 

De Lo Mio

Finding Elijah

Frances Ferguson

The Home Team

The House I Never Knew

Hope Frozen

International Falls

I’ve Got Issues

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway


Knives and Skin

Koko-Di Koko-Da

Lucky Grandma

Mama Bears

Once Upon a River

Sick, Sick, Sick

Straight Up

Swing Low

Paradise Without People

Pariah Dog


The MisEducation of Bindu

Red, White, and Wasted

The World or Nothing

Connect Downloads

Nick Adkins: The Power of Connection

The Art of Requirements Workshop

The Great Capitalism Debate

Influence of Design

Jake Kheel: Building Resilient Coastal Companies

Marie Johnson: Digital Humans and Healthcare

More Than Words: How Visuals Can Help Us Heal Healthcare

New Age Marketing: Martech

You’re in The Matrix, You Just Don’t Know It

Stage Downloads

Animal Law with Mime Explains String Theory

Bus to Lumberton


Don’t Let Me Fall Too Far

It Is Time

OK Gurgle

LiZez LIVE! with Color Wheel

Shirley Gnome

What the River Knows

Press Releases:

Time travel, dead comics, digital doctors collide at Cucalorus 25: a festival for everyone

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