Cucalorus Film Foundation

Jengo’s Playhouse
815 Princess Street
Wilmington, NC 28401


executive director: dan brawley

development director: blair brown
development “at”

sponsorship coordinator: joey toler
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programming coordinator: rachel pepperman taylor
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operations manager: channing duke
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communications coordinator: becca ederer
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stage coordinator: thea fitz-james
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cucalorus mascot: izzie
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Cucalorus Staff

dan brawley, chief instigating officer

danny boy was born in wilmington and watches too many movies. dan wanders around the world for about 4 months each year – mostly going to film festivals and conferences about social justice and culture. the brawler lives inside of the growing artist village with no name in downtown wilmington – two historic houses, a cabin, and twelve studios – with a micro-cinema, a garden with lots of weeds, and an enchanting collection of strange peoples and things. saint 43 has a dog named izzie. they walk a lot.

rachel taylor, programming coordinator

Rachel studied theater as an undergrad and thought she wanted to be on stage, but soon discovered she prefers to be the one keeping everything organized and running smoothly. She started stage managing, house managing, and eventually moved into arts management. She’s worked for theaters and arts organizations in Boston, nonprofits in Wilmington, and received her Master of Public Administration with a focus on Nonprofit Management from UNC. Also a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, Rachel likes to be upside down and yoga with people as much as possible.

blair brown, development director

With a background in environmental science and massage therapy, Blair spends her days with her feet rooted in data and her hands crafting love bombs. She geeks out about human anatomy, costume parties, and lately, rock climbing. Blair believes every movie is better with snacks.

channing duke, operations manager

Channing is a CFCC graduate and current UNCW film studies student. This is her fourth year on staff at Cucalorus. A self-proclaimed mad scientist and outer space enthusiast, in her off time, Duke works on local film productions and is designing her own international space station.

becca ederer, communications coordinator

Becca, a UNCW film studies graduate, is working her first year with Cucalorus. She loves all types of movies from Film Noir to Bollywood, and can often be found exploring the outdoors. After jumping out of several planes in South America, she hopes to one day have her skydiving license. Strike up a conversation and she’ll never stop talking, because she is your biggest fan!

joey toler, sponsorship coordinator

Joey Toler is new to Cucalorus, but not new to working in the arts. Having just relocated to Wilmington after 3 tries in 10 years to be with his significant other, he leaves behind a job as Executive Director of the Beaufort County Arts Council in Washington, NC where he developed relationships with arts leaders across the state. He hopes that some of this experience will come into play in his new role with Cucalorus, and is very happy to be in a new environment with new challenges. He is especially excited about not being in charge.

izzie, cucalorus mascot

Recently relocated from a no-kill animal resort on the outskirts of Conway, South Carolina, Izzie is a Mini-Pin and Spaniel mix with a few unknown ancestral lines. Izzie works diligently to maintain staff morale by licking hands, faces, and other places. You can find her chewing sticks, practicing her stunt dog tricks, and looking out the window.