Cucalorus Passes and Tickets

Cuc22 is wrapped! Keep an eye out for tickets and passes available for Cucalorus 23!

Passes are the best way to get the full Cucalorus experience. Benefits include advanced ticket allocation, access to the filmmakers lounge, an invitation to the opening night party, and entry into Jengo’s Backyard! Passholder policies are updated each year, so please read up, friendlies!

Prices will vary according to event.

Screening ticket prices: $10 regular, $15 premium, $20 special.

Jibasorus Ticket Package: TBD
Connect Conference Pass: TBD
Digasorus Pass: TBD
Megasorus Pass: TBD
Pegasorus Pass: TBD

Box Office Hours + Pass Pickup

The Ticketbox is located in the lobby of Thalian Hall! Your central location for pass pickup and all ticketing questions! Passes can be picked up from this location only.

Passholder and Ticket Policy

Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Pass and picture ID required to obtain passholder tickets. Pass & ticket holders must arrive 30 minutes in advance to be guaranteed seating at all events. All Digasorus, Megasorus and Connect pass purchasers receive a festival ID badge and a unique Patron ID. Your Patron ID allows you to redeem your ticket allocation online or at any festival venue. For online ticket allocation, simply click ‘Redeem Benefits’ upon checkout. All Jibasorus Ticket Package holders receive a unique Patron ID that will allow you to redeem tickets online or at any venue. Pegasorus passholders do not need tickets but must bring their pass to enter events and must arrive 30 minutes in advance to be guaranteed a seat.


Events at Cucalorus do NOT sell out, instead they “Go to RUSH.” The festival holds seats for Pegasorus passholders and ticket holders until 15 minutes prior to screening time. Just before the screening begins, remaining unclaimed seats are sold to the RUSH LINE. The RUSH LINE will begin forming one hour before screening time. RUSH tickets are based on the number of available seats after pass and ticket holders have been seated. Availability is not guaranteed. RUSH tickets are cash only.

Will Call

Will call tickets can be picked up from any box office location. Please bring a picture ID and your pass to pick-up will call tickets.

Questions? Call our staff at Jengo’s Playhouse, 910-343-5995 or email: We love you!