Digital Humans in Healthcare

Marie Johnson, Managing Director, Centre for Digital Business, @mariehjohnson
Cardiovascular disease and health illiteracy is a deadly combination affecting many millions of people globally. Disadvantaged communities, people with disability, and women suffer disproportionately. Marie will talk about what she...

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The Power of Connection

Nick Adkins, Co-Founder of Pinksocks Life, @nickisnpdx
Keynote:  “The Power of Connection” Everyone of us craves connection. It’s hardwired in our DNA as humans. Let’s explore the power of connection that being open, willing, and present to...

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You’re in The Matrix, You Just Don’t Know It

Dr Curry Guinn, Ph.D. and Dr Julian Keith, Ph.D.
Are we living  in the paradigm developed in the The Matrix movie franchise?  As we interface with technology on a daily, if not hourly basis, we influence technology.  In turn,...

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