Cucalorus Connect, November 14-15, 2019
A future for everyone

The fifth annual Cucalorus Connect Conference explores the intersection between creativity, technology, and humanity. This two day conference shows how a beautiful future of inclusion unfolds when humanity collides with innovation. Within this year’s digital framework, Connect invites you to expand your understanding of others’ needs and challenges to create business models, products, and services that are accessible and conversational — regardless of language, culture, abilities, and backgrounds. Expect deliberate interactions and playful experiences that keep the human heart, artificial or not, human.

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Blockchain Technology What’s Hot vs What’s Hype

Girard Newkirk, founder and CEO of KWHCoin and New Next Advanced Energy @Gnewkirklytics
Blockchain is widely considered as a key technological component that will enable the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  It is poised to fundamentally change the way machines, people and businesses interact.  Most...

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Building Resilience in Coastal Companies

Jake Kheel, Vice President Environment, Grupo Puntacana Foundation
How can companies can become engines of environmental innovation? Companies can be disruptive agents of change and innovation, breaking paradigms and transforming industries. However, the destructive creativity of companies is...

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Digital Humans in Healthcare

Marie Johnson, Managing Director, Centre for Digital Business, @mariehjohnson
Cardiovascular disease and health illiteracy is a deadly combination affecting many millions of people globally. Disadvantaged communities, people with disability, and women suffer disproportionately. Marie will talk about what she...

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Idea Bounce

Judges Diane Durance, Tobin Geatz, Kevin Carlson
Are you one of those humans that get your best ideas in the shower?  Sign up for Idea Bounce!  Idea Bounce provides an opportunity for people to share their creative...

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Influence of Design

Colin Allen, Erin Kennedy, Gon Kim, and Stephanie Jarrett from nCino
How can design influence the experience of a product? The product design team at nCino, a cloud-banking software company, share their wisdom of how storytelling is vital to the design...

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New Age Marketing: Martech

Jennifer Manocchio
“Martech” is the latest buzzword in the marketing industry. It refers to any technology that amarketer can use to reach a potential customer… from social media scheduling platforms like Hootsuite...

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The Art of the Requirements Workshop

Craig Zdanowicz, Daniel O'Sullivan, Brett Dooies, Blake Fortier from nCino
How do you squeeze creativity from your customers who may be similar to and not unlike stuffy bankers in suits from a century old industry? In this interactive UX design...

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The Great Capitalism Debate

Maurice BP Weeks and Dr. Adam Jones
As the U.S. economy continues to break records in multiple measurements, several questions are being asked by politicians, the news media, and everyday people. Who really benefits from capitalism in...

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The Power of Connection

Nick Adkins, Co-Founder of Pinksocks Life, @nickisnpdx
Keynote:  “The Power of Connection” Everyone of us craves connection. It’s hardwired in our DNA as humans. Let’s explore the power of connection that being open, willing, and present to...

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You’re in The Matrix, You Just Don’t Know It

Dr Curry Guinn, Ph.D. and Dr Julian Keith, Ph.D.
Are we living  in the paradigm developed in the The Matrix movie franchise?  As we interface with technology on a daily, if not hourly basis, we influence technology.  In turn,...

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