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10x10 Challenge Screening

10 entrepreneurs are paired with 10 filmmakers and challenged to make a four minute promo video in five days. See the results on Sunday afternoon at Cucalorus Connect. Sanibrands, Suzanne...

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AI: It’s All About the Data

Bill Stuart, Senior Staff Data Scientist, GE
“It’s all about the data!” AI technologies can illustrate connections, perform analysis not possible by humans, and provide answers from the immense amounts of data currently available and exponentially increasing...

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AI: The 3rd Generation of Computing

Dr. Curry Guinn, Dr. Julian Keith, Mike Orr (monderator)
What is “artificial” about Artificial Intelligence?  This session will offer a comparison between human intelligence and its analogy in the technical world, machine learning.  Gain an understanding of how humans...

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Douglas Tirola
The story of craft beer as told through a young New York lawyer who dreams of opening his own brewery and a Milwaukee based beer educator trying to pass the...

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Connect Doc Showcase

These short docs showcase the power that the moving image has to change people's minds and transform the world. From a brewery run by active gang members to a company...

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Cucalorus Connect Beer Party

Edward Teach Brewery hosts the annual Cucalorus Connect Beer Party. Wind down with a cold one after two days of mind-blowing technology and talking at Cucalorus Connect.

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Design Thinking for Delightful Banking Experiences

Audrey Speicher, Associate Product Manager, nCino, Inc. And Malaika Paquiot, Portfolio Manager, Product Management, nCino, Inc
Fintech startups, alternative lenders, and evolving customer expectations are forcing financial institutions to change the way they develop new products and services, requiring them to incorporate “design thinking.” Learn proven...

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DIY AI: You Can Do It Too!

Ralph Reda, Mike Orr, Mona Badie
Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) were once the domain of computer scientists proficient in advanced programming languages with access to high-performance supercomputers. Over the past few years, advances...

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Emerging Trends in FinTech

Xeth Waxman, EVP, Engineering Apiture
Emerging work of development as it relates to FinTech and how technology is being developed - how you build a technology organization in the midst of a massive technology shift....

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Employment in the New Economy

Pat Petitti, Co-founder and CEO at Catalant
We help companies build an agile workforce with technology & programs that enable access to talent they need, when they need it, wherever it is. Catalant provides global enterprises with...

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Shaena Mallett
Clear-eyed and intimate, Farmsteaders is as much a study of place as it is a study of persistence. Having abandoned a career as a food processing engineer at General Mills,...

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Film Festival Alliance / VOLUNTEERS

Lela Meadow-Conner
We all know festivals wouldn’t happen without volunteers. How do you reward your volunteers, beyond the basics? How do you handle the blurred lines between volunteers who work as hard...

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Film Festival Alliance: Meet the Festivals

Lela Meadow-Conner
Film Festival Alliance invites attending Cucalorus and regional filmmakers to a candid Meet the Programmers discussion with film festival programmers from across the country. Attending festivals include Full Frame, RiverRun, Atlanta,...

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FinTech and the Digital Consumer: The Future of Banking

Thomas Cozzolino, Timur Davis, Xeth Waxman, Jonathan Rowe, Malaika Paquiot (moderator)
Digital revolution has arrived in the financial services sector. Whether a challenge or an opportunity, financial services and consumers are taking a bold step to engage with emerging innovations.

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Food for Thought

Frankie Roberts, Nick Nolan, Joe Conway, Sarah Daniels (moderator)
Who has access to healthy fresh food and grocery stores and who doesn’t, and why does it matter? What can we do to create sustainable food systems?

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Get Artificially Intelligent in Your Customer Experience

Wilson Raj, Global Director of Customer Intelligence at SAS
The explosion of data is fueling more algorithmic and real-time approaches to addressing different business issues, and customer experience (CX) in particular.  The nexus of big data analytics and the...

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GigTech: AI and the Sharing Economy

Mark Steiner, Pat Petitti, Robert Preville, Mona Badie (moderator)
Setting the stage for our investigation of artificial intelligence and the changing nature of work, this panel features industries ranging from entertainment to software. This session explores two distinct economic...

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Go Book Yourself – A GigSalad Workshop

Megan Price & Heather Roonan, GigSalad
In the gig economy, the playing field is leveled and DIY artists can thrive in the entertainment industry without extensive advertising, cumbersome agencies, and longstanding insider relationships. There’s a world...

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HealthTech Symposium / IGNITE! Short talks from industry insiders

Keith Kosel, Luke Marshall, David Burke, Hilary Hatch, Nate O'Keefe, Jeff Bullard, MD
Keith Kosel, PhD, VP Strategic Enterprise, PCCI Luke Marshall, Cofounder and CEO, Vital Flo David Burke, Founder, CHECKIN Innovative Care Technologies Inc. Hilary Hatch, Founder and CEO, Vital Score Ginny...

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Keynote / Experiencing Brand: Story, Technology and Spirit

Susan Ellis, Director of Corporate Social Innovation and Brand, SAS
When we think of technology, words like empathy and inspiration aren’t necessarily the first words that pop into mind.  But the technology brands that have aligned themselves with issues that...

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Modern Architecture and FinTech – are you listening?

Thomas Cozzolino, Senior Director of Market Strategy at Salesforce
David Bowie once said that "Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming”. While talk of "digital transformation" is all the rage in financial services, how can technology tune...

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Rocket Pitch

See these Rocket Pitches compete at Connect! A panel of judges will vote on their favorite.

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SCRUM #1: How does HealthTech become fun?

Carrie Shaw, Michael Katchman
The promise of technology to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care also crosses paths with regulations, databases, applications, mobiles, wearables...can fun be in this mix?

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Scrum #2: The data SPEAKS. . . yet how can we better LISTEN?

Adrianne Overbay, Chris Skowrownek, Wilson Raj, Mike Rhoades (moderator)
As we begin merging patient-level clinical, retail, environmental, and behavioral data, how do we build psycho-metric profiles that both inform and activate caregivers?  How can we “anticipate” health events and,...

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Seizing Opportunities

Xaver Neumeyer, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Management at UNCW
Finding attractive entrepreneurial opportunities to pursue is a major challenge and requires a systematic approach. The goal of this session is to familiarize participants with approaches that can help with...

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The Blockchain Revolution

Monica Shepherd, Charlie Fink
Blockchain software technology will get a physical presence in downtown Wilmington with KWHCoin, a new company focused on turning solar and other renewable energy into a virtual currency. Monica Shepard,...

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The Next Generation of Cloud-based Thinking

David Reeser, Shaun Olsen, Mike Orr (moderator)
The evolution of “The Cloud” has provided easy access to computing power, applications, and data for millions of companies and individuals world-wide.  It provides “on demand” computing capabilities, that once...

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Cucalorus Connect 2018 is presented by the UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and tekMountain and hosted at Union Station Conference Center.


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