The Great Capitalism Debate

Malaika Paquiot (Moderator), Maurice BP Weeks and Dr. Adam Jones
Event Date(s)
9:30 AM
Thursday, November 14
BAC Annex Up

As the U.S. economy continues to break records in multiple measurements, several questions are being asked by politicians, the news media, and everyday people.

Who really benefits from capitalism in the US? Is capitalism, as currently practiced, the best economic model to meet our needs? Are modifications required in this age of new technology, creative financial services and products, and a truly global economy? 

Join Maurice Weeks, Co-Executive Director of ACRE, a community action non-profit, and Dr. Adam Jones, Associate Professor and Chair of Economics and Finance, UNCW as they participate in a lively debate on Capitalism in the US. 

Because this is Cucalorus there are no winners, but the audience will get a chance to weigh in on one of the most controversial discussions in Cucalorus history!

Malaika Paquiot, Moderator
With more than 15 years experience, Malaika is currently Director of Product Management at K4Connect. Previously she led the globalization and localization of the nCino Bank Operating System. She is the recipient of the US National Women of Color Technology Award and serves on the boards of Working Films, Cucalorus Film Foundation and Cucalorus Connect.

Maurice BP-Weeks
As the Co-Executive Director of ACRE, Maurice works with community organizations and labor unions on campaigns to go on offense against Wall Street to beat back their destruction of communities of color. He was previously the Campaign Director of the ReFund America Project and worked as the Wall Street Accountability and Housing Justice campaigner at the Center for Popular Democracy before that. Maurice serves on the Advisory Council of Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD). He graduated from Swarthmore College.

Dr. Adam Jones
Associate Professor of Economics, UNCW
Regional Economist Department Chair Economics & Finance, UNCW
Prior to pursuing his PhD in economics, Dr. Jones was the Director of Economic Development with the Covington/Newton County Chamber of Commerce in Covington, GA. His responsibilities included business recruitment, retention and expansion of existing businesses and public policy development. While attending graduate school at the University of Georgia, Dr. Jones assisted the Carl Vinson Institute of Government with various economic impact studies and other economic development policy consultation projects.