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Featured Lunch Keynote: Fred Meyers and Paul Palmieri

Paul Palmieri and Fred Myers
Intuition, Character and Innovation in Teams, Business and the Digital Economy: Fred Meyers:: What makes a great team? Queensboro.com, a custom logo apparel and promotional products company based in Wilmington, NC, has...

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Gangs, Entrepreneurship, and Beer

George Taylor
From George Taylor :: On December 20, 2015, 16-year old Shane Simpson was killed in a drive-by shooting in Wilmington. At the time, I didn’t know anything about gangs, but...

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Giving New Life and Memory to Metal

Pete Peterson, Lisa Ferrara, Bruce Mancinelli
We want to feature Lucid Innovative Technologies, www.lucidinnovativetechnologies.com as the new collaborative 2017 startup created by combining the expertise and capabilities of two local and growing companies, Manufacturing Methods, www.manufacturingmethods.com...

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Hustle in Comfort

Dory Weiss & Mike Bonner
Software teams don’t need to choose between providing a great workplace or pushing hard to build great products; they can do both. At nCino we call that balance "hustling in...

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Inspiration: Five Stories

Scott Moody
Five Stories. Five ordinary people. From a funeral in the middle of rural America, to a coffee shop in the middle of Africa. The people that made a difference in...

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