The Power of Connection

Nick Adkins, Co-Founder of Pinksocks Life, @nickisnpdx
Running Time:60 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:00 PM
Thursday, November 14
BAC Main

Keynote:  “The Power of Connection”

Everyone of us craves connection. It’s hardwired in our DNA as humans. Let’s explore the power of connection that being open, willing, and present to saying “Yes!” can provide. Let’s discover the magic of seeing each other.

Nick Adkins is the Co-Founder of Pinksocks Life, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting human connection around the world. The pinksocks movement empowers people from all walks of life to connect with anyone, anywhere, by creating a global tribe of pinksocks-wearing people who are focused on empathy, caring, and love. The movement has been decommoditized from its beginning in 2015 – all pinksocks are gifts. Every connection made between the gift giver and recipient is based on an authentic connection, not a transaction.

In a former life, Nick was a suit-wearing MBA for the Vanderbilt Health Plans in Nashville, Tennessee and was the COO at two Nashville-based healthcare companies. In 2012 he traded the suit for a kilt and set out on a journey that took him to Portland, Oregon, where he co-founded a health tech startup. He currently serves on the advisory board at Cloudbreak Health, one of the leading telemedicine platforms in the U.S., and is on the advisory board at, an AI company with the mission to decentralize precision medicine onto the blockchain.