Black Beach/White Beach: A Tale of Two Beaches

Ricky Kelly
Documentary Features :: Voices
Running Time:75:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:45 PM
Friday, November 10
Jengo's Playhouse
10:45 AM
Saturday, November 11
CFCC Union Station

Producer: Cherie Kelly
Editor, Co-producer: David Iversen

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, two national motorcycle festivals are held over the weeks around the Memorial Day holiday. One festival is primarily white, the other is predominantly black. While bikers of both colors enjoy both festivals, the city, community, and state have a vastly different way of looking at these two festivals, creating a divide among the participants, business owners, and residents. Against the backdrop of the historical relevance of the area’s segregated past, this documentary explores opposing viewpoints on segregation and integration, mutual love of motorcycle culture, and racial tensions that reach a boiling point every spring in this southern beach mecca.

**Additional Screening Added!! Check it out Saturday morning at CFCC Union Station if you can’t make it to Jengo’s Playhouse!