Black Magic for White Boys

Onur Tukel
Narrative Features
Running Time:105:20 minutes
Event Date(s)

Director: Onur Tukel
Writer: Onur Tukel
Producer : Gigi Graff
Cinematographer: Jason Banker

An aging magician is about to lose his small New York theater, but has a devilish plan to save it. A middle-aged man finds his sovereignty in jeopardy when he impregnates a woman he barely knows. A real estate mogul is frustrated that he can’t raise the rent on this tenants. These characters converge in Tribeca alum Onur Tukel’s bizarre comic tale about testing boundaries, gentrification, and how old New York is fading away.


Onur Tukel is an actor and writer, known for Applesauce (2015), Richard’s Wedding (2012) and The Misogynists (2017).