Cornrow Shorts: Docs 1

Directors: Various
Magnolia :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:97:48 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:00 AM
Friday, November 15
Thalian Main
1:00 PM
Sunday, November 17
Jengo's Playhouse

The Cowfoot Prince / Dear, Dreamer / Enforcement Hours / Walker’s / Being With Elephants / Jesa / Ballet After Dark

The Cowfoot Prince
Director: Bex Singleton / 27:46
“Sierra Leone is the country I hate to love.”  “The Cowfoot Prince” follows Usifu Jalloh, a Sierra Leonean Storyteller, from his adopted home in London back to the village where he was born. The journey charts the lifelong complexities of immigration, and Usifu’s personal relationship with the country that is responsible both for the execution of his father, and for the inherited skills and wisdom he uses to make sense of the world.

Dear, Dreamer
Director: Kristian Melom / 10:31
“Dear, Dreamer” is a lyrical portrait of the life and work of rising literary star Jason Reynolds.  Best known as a New York Times Best-Selling author and mentor to young adults, this short documentary finds Jason in the writer’s room preparing for the release of his next book.  Here we catch a rare glimpse of a singular artist and thinker as he traverses the schools and landscapes of modern-day America.   “Dear, Dreamer” is a testament to our shared experiences and the power of seeing yourself in books.  It was produced in collaboration with the hardworking students, educators and dreamers who are dedicated to the written word.    

Enforcement Hours
Director: Paloma Martinez / 13:04
In a climate of xenophobia and confusion, a San Francisco hotline aims to provide limited assistance to a targeted population.

Director: Kyle Myers-Haugh / 11:43
This immersion into a black barbershop in Wilmington, North Carolina unfolds as an almost abstract symphony of straight razors and straight talk.

Being With Elephants
Director: James Martin / 11:59
Throughout the Siana region of the Maasai Mara, local rangers must monitor and react to the shrinking elephant corridors in order to prevent future collisions of man and beast. “Being With Elephants” follows a group of local Maasai rangers who educate their community about the importance of elephants to the ecosystem as well as methods to coexist on the land that they all live upon. The rangers, as part of the Elephant Aware Conservancy, strive to aid in the prevention of human-animal conflict by engaging with those that may come face-to-face with wildlife. During the course of the film the rangers will make a heartbreaking discovery which stands as a continuing reminder of the work that lies before them.

Director: Kyungwon Song / 6:15
Jesa is a Korean tradition honoring their ancestors. The filmmaker interviewed her parents about this ritual tradition of Korea. However, it goes totally unexpected.

Ballet After Dark
Director: B.Monét / 16:30
“Ballet After Dark” tells the story a young woman who found the strength to survive after an attack. She created an organization that is helping sexual abuse and domestic violent survivors find healing after trauma through dance therapy.