Five Minutes

Sandra Dickson, Peter Gilbert, Chris Zaluski
Running Time:12:30 minutes
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Director: Sandy Dickson & Peter Gilbert
Writer: Peter Gilbert
Editor: Chris Zaluski
Producer: Michael Hyde
Illustrator: Cory Godbey

Baptiste Touissant’s dreams of opening a Cajun restaurant ended when a suicide bomber detonated only feet from him in Afghanistan. Baptiste, terrified of surviving his devastating injuries, begged his buddy to wait five minutes before calling a medic. He wanted to die.

Five Minutes is a story about Baptiste’s recovery and the hope of regenerative medicine (RM) for U.S. soldiers. RM promises a future where doctors, using a soldier’s own cells, rebuild genitalia and reconstruct arms and legs blown apart by shrapnel.

The animated narrative film is a five-year effort directed, produced and edited by Wake Forest University faculty Sandy Dickson, Peter Gilbert, Michael Hyde, Chris Zaluski and Cara Pilson and illustrated by award-winning artist Cory Godbey.