Frances Ferguson

Bob Byington
Narrative Features
Running Time:75:00 minutes
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Director: Bob Byington
Writer: Scott King
Producer: Chris McKenna

Frances Ferguson, the eponymously named character at the center of Bob Byington’s new film, is discontent. Like a lot of us, she does a bit of “acting out” and pays the price —an arrest, a trial, incarceration. And then a new identity, one that’s not terribly comfortable. Nick Offerman narrates this deviant comedy, based on actual events.


Bob Byington is an American film director, screenwriter and actor living in Austin, Texas. Byington’s work has been called literate, bawdy, sardonic and quirky. “mumblecore without the mumble.” Unlike the extreme naturalistic dialogue of many mumblecore films, Byington’s work leans towards exact dialogue and, according to Roger Ebert, “perfect timing” which is “unreasonably funny”. Byington often reuses performers, including Nick Offerman, Kristen Tucker, Pat Healy, Keith Poulson, Kevin Corrigan and Suzy Nakamura.