Lady Hater

Alexandra Barreto
Running Time:7:40 minutes
Event Date(s)

Alexandra Barreto – Director
Alexandra Barreto – Writer
Taylor Feltner – Producer
Jack Caswell – DP
Adam Bowers – Editor
Toby Wilkins – Editor

Sam, a self proclaimed “Guy’s Girl,” walks into the wrong room, and finds herself stuck in an all-female, goddess seminar. When she tries to leave and is called out as a Lady Hater, Sam is forced to examine herself and in return asks all the women to do the same. 


Alexandra Barreto has been working on sets for over eighteen years as an actress, writer, producer and director.

Alexandra’s first feature she produced, TOO LATE, starring Academy Award Nominees John Hawkes and Robert Forster premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and was released theatrically in over thirty cities. It’s currently available on Netflix and iTunes.