Psychobilly Wedge Shorts: Say What?

Directors: Various
Shorts Blocks :: Vanguard
Running Time:80:43 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:45 PM
Friday, November 15
Jengo's Playhouse
7:30 PM
Sunday, November 17
Jengo's Playhouse

Brett Kavanaugh Is Ruining My Sex Life / Gill / Sweet Sweet Kink: A Collection of BDSM Stories / Butt Fantasia / This Big / Dick Pics! (A Documentary) / Deep Tissue / Dick Tugger / Splooch Man / Bumps in the Night / Picnic / Valerio’s Day Out

Brett Kavanaugh Is Ruining My Sex Life
Director: Kristin Slaysman / 7:16
A dark comedy about a liberal couple struggling to reinvent their sex fantasy in the days following the Kavanaugh hearing.

Director: Kieran Moreira / 8:57
A headstrong scientist bickers with her only lifeline while test piloting a malfunctioning teleportation suit.

Sweet Sweet Kink: A Collection of BDSM Stories
Director: Maggie M. Bailey / 13:22
Sweet Sweet Kink takes a sweet, sweet peek into the kinky world of bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism through four different stories of intimate connection, consensual exploration, and deep self-reflection.

Butt Fantasia
Director: Mohit Jaswal / 5:39
With the help of a magic hat, an old man contemplates the good and bad times his butt has been through.

This Big
Director: NaSwana Moon / 2:31
Two women, Lacey and Alley, are chilling in their apartment when they have a disagreement over whether or not a guy that Alley is kind-of seeing is good enough for her. The conversation soon turns to how big or small this guy’s penis is. They banter back in forth until the truth is brought to light.

Dick Pics! (A Documentary)
Directors: Hannah McSwiggen, Russell Sheaffer / 12:18
“Dick Pics!” is a short, stop-motion animated documentary that gathers men from all walks of life and asks them one of the most important questions of the modern era: “What in gods name compels you to send pictures of your penis to non-consenting others?” This short was made by filming with live actors, printing out those performances on paper frame by frame, cutting each new doll out, and then re-animating each performance in a miniature set.

Deep Tissue
Director: Meredith Alloway / 8:42
Two strangers meet under mysterious means and discover they share a mutual fetish.

Dick Tugger
Director: The Frog Emperor / 0:49
Beware! A mysterious penis hungry entity that slithers, creeps, and crawls through life has been spotted. It might actually be in your bedroom right now!

Splooch Man
Director: nesto / 0:59
Splooch Man! Has timeshare in Miami!

Bumps in the Night
Directors: Matt Barrett, Delanie Gilliss / 6:40
Sudden, stubborn pimples are the least of a girl’s problems. It ain’t her imagination, there are other bumps in the night.

Director: Michael Reich / 5:00
Three women embark on a deadly picnic.

Valerio’s Day Out
Director: Michael Arcos / 8:30
A young jaguar (Valerio) goes on a killing spree when he escapes from his enclosure at a zoo. After he’s caught, sedated, and relocated he makes a video diary for his significant other. Their name is Lula.