Revel In Your Body

Katherine Helen Fisher
Running Time:5:21 minutes
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Director: Katherine Helen Fisher
Producer: Alice Sheppard

REVEL IN YOUR BODY originated as a creative concept when dancers Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson shared online a slow-motion iPhone video of them jumping on a trampoline while strapped into their wheelchairs. This was AFTER being told by a well-known editorial photographer that the trampoline frequently used for other dancer photoshoots was off limits to them…which led the dancers to get their own damn trampoline.

REVEL IN YOUR BODY is a short dance film that blows that same contagious joy of flight out and up to operatic levels. Shot on an empty parking rooftop with the Atlanta skyline in the background on the campus of Georgia Tech, this film takes high-stakes choreography into the site-specific realms of concrete, metal railings, skyscrapers, and breathtaking blue sky.

It is our hope that as you experience this film, your own body moves in flight along with the dancers. Enjoy the reveling.