Sick, Sick, Sick

Alice Furtado
Convulsions :: Narrative Features
Running Time:104:00 minutes
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DirectorAlice Furtado
Writers: Alice Furtado, Leonardo Levis
Director of photography: Felipe Quintelas
Production designer: Elsa Romero
Editors: Alioce Furtado, Luisa Marques

Silvia and Artur’s teenage-romance starts abruptly and ends up all of a sudden after a serious accident. Silvia gets sick and her days turn into dark. Her mourning becomes an obsessive quest to bring Artur back to life.


Born in 1987, in Rio de Janeiro, Alice Furtado is a
filmmaker and editor. She graduated in Cinema at
Universidade Federal Fluminense (Brazil), and post
graduated at Le Fresnoy (France). She directed the
short films Duelo antes da noite (Cannes
Cinéfondation 2011) and La grenouille et Dieu (2013).
As an editor, she worked in Eduardo Williams’ first
feature El auge del humano, and Os sonâmbulos, by
Tiago Mata Machado. “Sick, Sick, Sick” is her feature
debut as director.