Summer Vacation

Peter Campbell
Running Time:5:30 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:00 AM
Thursday, November 8
Thalian Main
7:45 PM
Friday, November 9
Thalian Main

Producers: Erica Duffy, David A. Holcombe
Cinematographer: Rinkesh Patel
Lead Actors: Diego Ramos, Loona Dae, MP Letourneau

A boy and his masked friend live in a house in a white void.

Screening with: 8 Slices 


Peter Collins Campbell is a director based in Chicago, IL. He has been making films since elementary school, and doing so professionally since high school. His music video work includes videos for Saba, Noname, Nico Segal and Chance the Rapper, Towkio, Brian Fresco, Daye Jack, National Geographic, Pringles, and Campbell’s (no relation).

He is currently working on his debut feature film.