The Real Thing

Julianna Villarosa
Running Time:2:45 minutes
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Director: Julianna Villarosa
Editor: Julianna Viallros

Using physical media (16mm, VHS) destroyed by Coca-Cola, “The Real Thing” contrasts the famous ad “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” with The Coca-Cola Company’s most recent scandal: unconscionable water privatization in Chiapas, Mexico.


Julianna Villarosa is a filmmaker and moving image artist from Texas. Her work concerns human-environment relationships. Select features and screenings include Vimeo Staff Picks, Hong Kong Arts Centre, The Atlantic, Athens International Film + Video Festival, Discovery Channel, the National Park Service, and more. She is a 2019 Tallgrass Artist-in-Residence, Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio Fellow, and MFA candidate in Film & Video Production at the University of Iowa.