The Vision of Ulysses Davis

Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray
Running Time:10:00 minutes
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Director: Steven Gray, Alexia Oldini
Producer: Steven Gray, Alexia Oldini. Richard Twomey
Cinematography: Steven Gray & Richard Twomey

Ulysses Davis constructed an idiom distinctly his own and his extraordinary body of work speaks vividly to the nature of his experience as an African-American artist and barber in the American South in the 20th century. This film is a reflection on his work and an offering to the legacy of this singular man.


Alexia Oldini is a New York City based producer, writer, and director. Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Alexia was trained in classical music at the Giuseppe Verdi Milan Conservatory before moving to America to pursue a filmmaking career. Her most recent project, short film “American Dream”, won the Special Jury Award at the Academy Award Qualifying New Orleans Film Festival in 2017 and was Vimeo Staff Picked in 2018.