Fake it So Real

Director: Robert Greene
Documentary Feature
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Screening Info:
Sunday, November 13
4:00 PM
City Stage Theater
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Douglas Tirola
Susan Bedusa
Sean Price Williams
Robert Greene
Millennium Wrestling Federation matmen prepare for a home-town bout in Lincolnton, North Carolina. The camera zeros in on often unpaid performers as they balance the cartilage-depleting art of grappling with lives outside the ring. Ahead of the big show, an overly enthusiastic greenhorn named Gabriel searches for identity in life and wrestling both. Meanwhile the group's leader, Outlaw, is bed-ridden and near-certain to miss his first event in the federation's ten year history.

The supporting cast includes J-Prep, a nurse by trade and a wrestler whose primary attribute is his ample posterior. He features a cross tattooed on his shaven chest and calls his special move, "The Attack by Booty." Pitt is a 6'3, 325lb. heap of a man with a house full of swords, spikes, and other fright-inspiring decorations. His finishing move, which involves lifting and dropping his opponent from above his head, is called "Bring tha Noize." And Solar, a self-described dastardly cheat with a flamboyant penchant for scarves, takes delight and strength from hecklers who question his sexuality. His special move is the, "Fully Loaded Baked Potato."

These men market themselves, train, and struggle to justify their personal investments in wrestling, amidst the sometimes-harsh realities of the working-class south. Fake It So Real is a hard-hitting, face-to-the-turnbuckle look at a culture fostered by men whose belief in the art of wrestling sometimes supersedes the pursuit of mainstream jobs and lasting relationships. This will be the North Carolina premiere for the film.

An extended conversation with members of the Millenium Wrestling Federation will immediately follow the screening.

Screening with Bunny Bashingl

Director Bio:
Robert's second feature documentary, Kati With an I, was nominated for a Gotham Award, played in theaters in April 2011 and was picked up by Icarus Films. His feature debut, Owning the Weather, was released theatrically in summer 2010. Robert's third film, Fake It So Real, is at the end of a long festival run. Robert produced and edited An Omar Braodway Film (Tribeca 2008), which premiered on HBO in July 2010. Robert produced and edited All in: The Poker Movie Best Documentary, CineVegas) and edited Making the Boys (Berlin 2010), which had its theatrical premiere in March 2011.