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Norwood Cheek Retrospective

Director: Norwood Cheek
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Friday, November 11
4:15 PM
Thalian Black
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Music Videos:
Eels "end times"
She & Him "thieves"
John Ralston "gone, gone, gone"
Ben Folds Five "battle of who could care less"
The Connells "maybe"
Squirrel Nut Zippers "hell"

The Skooks
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Scene 9 of 9
History of the Pay Phone
I dreamed and bluebird
Cucalorus launches the NC Filmmaker Retrospective to showcase groundbreaking artists who've had a lasting impact on film culture in North Carolina. The inaugural retrospective examines the inventive stylings of Norwood Cheek, a native of North Carolina recognized around the world for his innovative music videos and short films.

Norwood is one of 16 filmmakers who participated in the very first Cucalorus Film Festival staged by Twinkle Doon at Water Street Restaurant in 1994. At the time, Norwood was the go to guy for anyone looking to break into the film scene in the Triangle. Norwood's passion for super 8 film and his encouraging attitude helped to guide many young artists as they experimented with making short films. After visiting a similar event in Athens, Georgia, Norwood launched the Flicker Film Festival at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill in September of 1994. Today Flicker is a worldwide event, providing opportunities for first time filmmakers to throw their work out there without any judging or editing.

This survey of Norwood's work will include six music videos, six short films, and a super8 screening of "I dreamed and Bluebird" which was made just for the very first Cucalorus. Following the screening, we'll host an extended discussion with Norwood facilitated by Jim Haverkamp.

Want a little more Norwood? Check out 10x10 - a project pairing 10 filmmakers with 10 bands to make a music video in less than a week.

Director Bio:
Norwood cheek is a film and television producer, director, actor and writer who has worked behind and in front of the camera for 20 years. He has directed more than 70 music videos including ones for eels, she & him, squirrel nut zippers and superchunk. A small gauge film enthusiast, cheek started flicker in chapel hill and leads film and music video workshops at film festivals around the world.