Mechanical Bride

Director: Allison de Fren
Documentary Feature :: Convulsions
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Saturday, November 10
10:15 PM
Jengo's Playhouse
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Allison de Fern
C. Grant Mitchell
Allison de Fren
Associate Producer:
Tiffany Nalman
Julie Newmar
C. Grant Mitchell
Andrew Syder
Rich Ragsdale
Allison de Fren
P.J. Wolff
A voyeuristic look into the world of erotic dolls, from the factories turning out the latest and most advanced dolls to the collectors, lovers and repairmen of these dolls from around the world. With the advances in robotics technology, these inanimate dolls are becoming more and more humanlike, emphasizing mankind's increasingly reliance on technology for security, comfort, compansionship and love.

Screening with Moxie

Director Bio:
Allison de Fren is a media maker and scholar based in Los Angeles, who divides her time between creating, writing, and teaching about media, gender, and technology. Her interest in men who build artificial women was sparked during her work as a digital interaction designer, while working among mostly male roboticists at a future technology "think tank" in Silicon Valley. It eventually led to her award-winning documentary short about robot fetishists, A.S.F.R. (, which in turn gave birth to The Mechanical Bride. She holds a masters degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYUís Tisch School of the Arts and a doctorate from USCís School of Cinematic Arts, and has been awarded numerous fellowships and scholarships. She is an Assistant Professor of Media Arts & Culture at Occidental College in Los Angeles.