Bell Rung

Director: Zach Hermann
Documentary Feature :: Voices
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Saturday, November 10
4:00 PM
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Dorsey Levens
Oliver Mellan
Executive Producers:
Dorsey Levens
Nick Basta
Tom McGee
Pete Gratale
Zach Herrmann
Bell Rung is a documentary of personal stories revealing the alarming plight of professional football players. Their emotions raw, their concerns unmasked, their lives on the line, players and their families reveal their experiences and their fears. Retired professional greats join today's stars of the game to tell it from their hearts as they converse with host and co-producer Dorsey Levens about what their lives are really like. Dorsey asks the questions that need to be asked to illuminate the disturbing dilemma of these incredibly dedicated professional athletes, more and more of whom suffer lifelong debilitating health issues resulting from trauma-induced brain damage. Compelling from beginning to end, Bell Rung will move you to tears as it enlightens your awareness through the powerful, private stories and personal anecdotes of these legendary athletes whose lives have been committed to the game you love to watch.

*Filmmaker in attendance.

Screening with Cutting Loose

Director Bio:
As director of the documentary Bell Rung, Zach Herrmann brings his unique style of intriguing and intensifying techniques to a powerfully personal presentation of otherwise private conversations between legendary athletes. His directorial debut For Keeps, which premiered in 2008, contains similar intensity combined with the individual characteristics he painstakingly captures. Bell Rung, directed by Herrmann and co-produced with Dorsey Levens and Nick Basta, has gained national attention both for impact of content and for recognition of style, with showings to date in Atlanta, New York, and Boston. Currently, Herrmann has directed two more films which are in pre-production.