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Director: Michael Mohan
Narrative Feature :: Magnolia
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Saturday, November 10
1:00 PM
Thalian Main
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Sunday, November 11
7:15 PM
Thalian Main
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Jeffrey Brown
Egan Reich
Michael Mohan
Jordan Horowitz
Michael Huffington
Michael Roiff
Lizzy Caplan
Alison Brie
Mark Webber
Geoffrey Arend
Martin Starr
Melonie Diaz
Timothy Busfield
After an ill-timed and very public marriage proposal, fiercely independent Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) breaks up with her overeager boyfriend Kevin (Geoffrey Arend). Sarah turns to her sister Beth (Alison Brie) for support, but Beth is too busy obsessing over the details of her own wedding to Kevin's band mate, Andrew (Martin Starr).

When Sarah suddenly finds herself caught up in an intense rebound romance with the adorable Jonathan (Mark Webber), she is forced to examine her own fears of commitment and vulnerability. With honesty, heart, and humor, all five struggle with the trials, happiness, and pain of modern love.

In the end Sarah must decide - is it better to stay safely single or to risk it all on love?

*Filmmaker in attendance.

Director Bio:
Michael Mohan is one of the few filmmakers whose work has shown at the Sundance Film Festival three consecutive years in a row. His first feature film, the microbudget One Too Many Mornings premiered in 2010, Ex-Sex in 2011. In between films, Michael directs music videos. Prior to being a full-time filmmaker, Michael worked at Fox Searchlight Pictures in their directors mentorship program, as well as the Sundance Feature Film Program in their Screenwriting and Directing Labs. He currently lives in Los Angeles. Both Ex-Sex and Mohan's music video for Minus the Bear's "My Time" screened at Cucalorus 2011.