The Kill Team

Director: Dan Krauss
Documentary Feature :: Magnolia
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Thursday, November 14
1:45 PM
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Sunday, November 17
1:45 PM
Thalian Main
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Dan Krauss
Julie Goldman
Deborah Hoffman
Linda Davis

Dan Krauss
From Oscar-nominated director Dan Krauss comes a story about a young soldier in Afghanistan who attempted to alert the military to horrific atrocities being committed by U.S. soldiers, and who then himself became a target of one of the largest war crimes investigations in U.S. history. With extraordinary access to the soldiers who were convicted and the evidence used against them, this film takes us inside a story that was largely impenetrable to the media.

Director Bio:
Dan Krauss was nominated for an Academy Award and two Emmy Awards for his first film, The Death of Kevin Carter. The film also won prizes from the Tribeca Film Festival, the International Documentary Association and The San Francisco International Film Festival, among others. Krauss earned his Master’s Degree from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, where he is presently a lecturer in film and television production.