The Oxbow Cure

Director: Yonah Lewis & Calvin Thomas
Narrative Feature :: Vanguard
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Saturday, November 16
7:15 PM
Thalian Black
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Lev Lewis
Yonah Lewis
Calvin Thomas

Sandra Baumander
Karen Hanisch
Yonah Lewis
Calvin Thomas

Executive Producer:
Brian Retallack
Virginia Shulist
Marvin Weintraub
Rita Weintraub

Ian Carleton
Yonah Lewis
Calvin Thomas

Claudia Dey
A young woman (Claudia Dey) retreats to a lonely cabin in the woods in order to wrestle with her demons and the debilitating ailment that plagues her, in this riveting, atmospheric, hauntingly scored and gorgeously photographed portrait of isolation by Toronto filmmakers Calvin Thomas and Yonah Lewis. The film’s last minute shift into the realm of the supernatural will leave you gasping as though stranded in the frigid, Canadian air.

Screening with Liebe

Director Bio:
Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas are filmmakers and best buds. Lewis was born in Montreal, Thomas in Calgary. They met while attending Sheridan College and both now reside in Toronto.