Hide and Seek

Director: Joanna Coates
Narrative Feature :: Magnolia
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Friday, November 14
7:00 PM
Thalian Main
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Joanna Coates & Daniel Metz

Daniel Metz

Maya Maffioli, Joanna Coates

Sound Design:
Gunnar Oskarsson

Paul Wallfisch

Josh O'Connor, Hannah Arterton, Rea Mole & Daniel Metz
Release Year:
Four young people flee the big city. Establishing their own polyamorous commune in the countryside, they begin to apply a series of rules, games and rituals to their daily lives, using the isolating nature of their environment to create a space free from the inherited constraints of 'real world' existence. As their inhibitions and past traumas fade in the face of new routines, they achieve a unique kind of personal and collective happiness. Joanna Coates' deeply original, meditative take on a group of young, unmoored adults is many things: an evocation of retreat as protest, a tribute to spirituality in a cynical world, and a refreshingly unBritish assertion of sexuality's role in self discovery. A refreshing, unexpected debut feature.


Screening With I Love You So Much.

Director Bio:
Joanna Coates is a BAFTA nominated filmmaker. She has recently directed her debut feature drama, HIDE AND SEEK, following the success of her recent short film Where Are They Now? She has directed long-form and short arts documentaries for organisations including Channel 4ís More4, The National Theatre, Royal Opera House, The Guardian, and has had her films screened at International and UK festivals, The BFI and Channel 4.

Daniel Metz produced the 2011 feature Slacker 2011, which was profiled in the New York Times. That film ran at major international festivals including SXSW, Mar del Plata Argentina, and Glasgow Film Festival. He co-stars in Andrew Bujalskiís Sundance and Berlin feature Computer Chess, which played theatrically across the US and Europe in 2013.