The Return

Director: Adam Zucker
Documentary Feature :: Voices
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Screening Info:
Sunday, November 16
10:00 AM
Thalian Black
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Director, Producer Editor:
Adam Zucker

Scott Anger

Paul Brill, Elizabeth Ziman

Consulting Producer:
Jack Youngelson

Kasia Czerwonogora, Tusia Dabrowska, Katka Kobylinski, Maciej Kobylinski, Wiktor Podgorski, Maria Szychowska, David Szychowski, Hana Szychowska, Janka Szychowska, Szymon Szychowski
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Before World War II, Poland's 3.5 million Jews made the country the epicenter of the Jewish world. Today less than 20,000 Jews live there. Due to the Holocaust and the ensuing Soviet era, Poland's remaining Jews hid their identity from their children. With the fall of Communism in 1989 a young generation of Jews began learning their long-buried ancestry. The Return focuses on four women in their 20s who face the unique challenge of trying to create an identity in a vacuum. The Return depicts their valiant efforts at creating a new, authentic Jewish community in a country still regarded in the US as the "Jewish graveyard."


Screening With What's in a Name.

Director Bio:
ADAM ZUCKER (Director / Producer / Editor) is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor. His previous film GREENSBORO: CLOSER TO THE TRUTH premiered at SXSW, was the closing night film at the Full Frame Film Festival and went on to play at over 35 festivals in the U.S. and abroad. It received the Audience Award for Best Feature at the Rome International Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Dead Center Film Festival. The film has also been shown at dozens of universities and educational settings, including the United Nations. The nationally focused Audience Engagement effort, The Closer to the Truth Project, utilized the film in varied communities across the U.S.