Booka Shade - “Crossing Borders” (Presented on the Oculus Rift Device)

Director: Ryan Staake
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Screening Info:
Thursday, November 13
10:00 PM
Bourgie Nights
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It’s been estimated that the US has murdered around 2,400 people with its drone-strike program, leaving many people with concerns about the future. As drone technology sharpens right along side the advancements in artificial intelligence, could we be far from the armed robot takeover depicted in the Terminator franchise. I know the Terminator movies aren’t documentaries, but they do bring up valid points of the dangerous crossbreeding of technology and weaponry. Thank goodness not everyone is using these drone devices for death and destruction.
For example, Ryan Staake has used one of them with 7 GoPro camera attachments as a means of creating this ultra fish-eyed 3 dimensional perspective of planet Earth that is Booka Shade’s “Crossing Boarders.” As a special treat to all Visual/Sound/Walls attendees, not only will this clip be played in its 2-D version on multiple screens and surfaces, but will also be featured on an Oculus Rift Device, transforming the world of this video into a virtual reality.
Finally, drones are doing something nice for a change.

Screening at Visual/Sound/Walls: The Party!!!
Director appearing at Visual/Sound/Walls: Director's Cut

Director Bio:
V/S/W Featured Director: Ryan Staake
As the Executive Producer and Director of the Brooklyn, NY based, design and media production company, Pomp&Clout, Ryan Staake, has unleashed an unbelievable amount of unbelievably amazing work in an unbelievably short amount of time. In not even a year’s span Ryan has created all 5 of the eye-popping videos being displayed on the Visual/Sound/Walls, proving himself as a prolific concept designer and executioner.
Ryan is vastly becoming a young master of utilizing song to guide an aesthetic development assisted by cutting edge technology, and we’re proud to have him and his work inside the Visual/Sound/Walls for the 4th time.

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Booka Shade – “Crossing Boarders” (shown in 2-D and on the Oculus Rift device)
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