Waumiss - ďFarcheinkontrolleĒ

Director: Rich Gurnsey
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Thursday, November 13
10:00 PM
Bourgie Nights

Artist, Animator, Director:
Rich Gurnsey

Release Year:
NC-animation master Richard Gurnsey, has created a cute-as-Pixar-puppies group of aliens, that are curious about their planetís new visitor from outer space that looks like a human, except for itís green face and yellow eyes and ability to duplicate and grow squid arms and create electrical fields of energy. This videoís details may sound strange, and thatís because they are, but not as strange as Waumissís weird-ass wonderful song; ďFarcheinkontrolleĒ sounds like these cartoon aliens got hold of a bunch of RockíníRoll and R&B records from the 1950s and let those influence the creation of a new song, and then that track got re-orchestrated to a frequency that our human ears can hear. Thus the strange song and video greet each otherís oddness as cordially as the Aliensí and Outer Space Travelerís field of energy introduction to one another.

Screening at Visual/Sound/Walls: The Party!!!
Director appearing at Visual/Sound/Walls: Director's Cut