Mountain Thrower - “Ununpentium" (Live)

Director: John Manning
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Thursday, November 13
10:00 PM
Bourgie Nights
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Logan Tabor: Drums

Chris Bare Bass

John Manning Guitar, Vocals

Logan Tabor Editor
Ian Millard Sound

Gregory Gordon Lighting

James Yopp Camera
Release Year:
Multi-faceted artist of the Cape Fear region, John Manning, has created a finely crafted throw back with Mountain Thrower. The video, inspired by the 1970s German television show The Beat Club, the music, inspired by guitar driven psychedelic rock that your cool uncle used to play in his Camero.

Screening at Visual/Sound/Walls: The Party!!!
Director appearing at Visual/Sound/Walls: Director's Cut
Performing at Visual/Sound/Walls: DJ's & VJ's BF's 4-EV's