Raising Bertie

Director: Margaret Byrne
Documentary Feature :: Voices
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Saturday, November 12
3:45 PM
Thalian Black
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Director: Margaret Byrne
Writer: Leslie Simmer, Margaret Byrne
Producers: Jon Stuyvesant, Margaret Byrne, Ian Robertson Kibbe
Raising Bertie delves deep into the emotional lives of three boys as they come of age while living in rural Northeastern NC. This film weaves the young men’s stories together as they try to define their identities; they navigate unemployment, institutional racism, violence, first love, fatherhood, and estrangement from family members and mentors. It is an intimate portrait of growing into adulthood in a rural African American-led community. Raising Bertie is a graduate of the 2015 Cucalorus Works-in-Progress Lab.

Director Margaret Byrne and Producers Ian Kibbe & Jon Stuyvesant will be in attendance for a QnA after the screening.

Director Bio:
Margaret Byrne has worked on several projects over the past decade including the award-winning doc American Promise (2012) and Slaying Goliath (2009). Margaret produced and edited a music documentary series in Lagos, Nigeria, “MTV Base 100th Live” in 2005. She works closely with Mary J. Blige’s foundation FAWN (The Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now). She is the founder of Beti Films.