Director: Dawn Dreyer, Andrea Love
Short Film :: Shorties
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Screening Info:
Friday, November 11
10:15 AM
Thalian Black

Director/Producer: Dawn Dreyer, Director/Animator: Andrea Love, Music: Eric Andrew Kuhn ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Jasmine Woodyard Bowles CONSULTING PRODUCER: Bebe Smith, MSW, LCSW ASSISTANT STORY EDITOR: Jenny Morgan POST PRODUCTION SERVICES: Trailblazer Studios
Through exquisitely crafted hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, Fear considers the tensions between fear and safety; faith and psychology; Chinese and American identity; and acceptance and healing.

Screening in Sea Monkey Shorts
Screening in Global Perspectives

Director Bio:
For the past two decades, Dawn Dreyer has worked as a writer, mixed-media documentary maker, teacher, and advocate, embracing the challenges and joys of sustained collaboration as essential to her creative practice. In 2005, Dawn produced the radio story, The Three Furies: Poverty, Addiction, and Mental Illness, about the women she met while teaching writing at a residential treatment center in Durham, North Carolina. In the piece, heard by thousands of listeners on WUNC and NPR stations across the country, she spoke openly about her own experiences with mental illness. Andrea Love is a freelance animator and artist living in Port Townsend, Washington, where she is well known for her folky animations about farming and woodworking. Local demand for her unique brand of storytelling has propelled what was initially a side hustle into a full-time business. Originally from Durham, North Carolina, Love graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Hampshire College in 2010, concentrating in film studies and sustainable agriculture. Her passion for both film and visual arts led her down the road of animation, where she discovered a particular passion for animated documentaries. With a steadfast commitment to traditional hand crafts, Love fuses numerous self-taught techniques including frame-by-frame stop-motion and hand-drawn animation. Her work has been screened in a diverse range of venues from local fundraisers to the North Carolina Museum of Art.