Cucalorus Stage

Cucalorus Stage showcases outlandish, alternative, heartwarming, and original new performers. Festival favorites like Dance-a-lorus, Bus to Lumberton, and Visual/Sound/Walls explore the boundaries between music, theatre, dance, comedy, performance, installation, and film. Cucalorus brings together all kinds of performances including storytelling, music, cabaret, theatre, comedy, installations, and live art – with a show for everyone.

2019 Stage Performances

Animal Law w/ Mime Explains String Theory!

Julia Gladstone, Sheila Kerrigan
Animal Law is concerned with elucidating the subtle dynamics of child’s play as an allegory for the larger political strokes at hand in modern life. The condition of a jungle...

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Bus to Lumberton

Jen West
Round and round they go, if they live, nobody knows. A whirlwind Blue Velvet-inspired experience starring Kristin Slaysman and Karl Jacob, with special guests Virginia Newcomb and Eldon the Bus....

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Pushing boundaries by showcasing artists working at the intersections of film and dance. Film and choreography come together in an experimental evening of movement. Crook Alyona Amata, Emily Bannerman Round...

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Don’t Let Me Fall Too Far

Rozalind MacPhail
Don't Let Me Fall Too Far tells a timeless story of self-discovery experienced by a young woman navigating her way through a vulnerable period in her life. She’s haunted by...

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Tom Whiteside
A multiscreen program of clips and short films that manipulate, flex, or upend time. With a rich film selection more than 100 years old by pioneers Louis Lumière, Alice Guy,...

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Alexis Powell and Candace Thompson
A mixed media performance event that explores internet surveillance, data collection, codependency culture and our very real relationships to our mobile devices. How do our emotional vulnerabilities make us perfect...

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Thomas F. DeFrantz/SLIPPAGE
In this unique performance, SLIPPAGE explores the provocation of Kara Walker’s “Harper’s Pictorial History of the Civil War” series with shadowplay, dance, and image subtraction technology. Wondering at the place...

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Shirley Gnome: Victory Lap

Shirley Gnome
A comedy cabaret one-woman extravaganza, featuring the world class vocals and catchy melodies of award-winning, chart topping Canadian Shirley Gnome. Delight in a blend of biting satirical country/pop originals and...

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Stand Up at Dead Crow: Ben Gleib w/ Ken Garr

Ben Gleib, Ken Garr
Esquire said he “could be comedy’s next big thing” but now with his candidacy for the Democratic nomination, he could be America’s next president! Come see his standup tour now,...

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