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13 Award-Winning* Scenes About Mediocrity

Pineapple-Shaped Lamps
Pineapple-Shaped Lamps is proud to present “13 Award-Winning* Scenes About Mediocrity (*Participation Trophies Count)”, an original comedy show for Cucalorus Stage. Follow a series of seemingly unconnected vignettes concerning the...

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Americana Psychobabble

Alexandra Tatarsky
A delirious anti-narrative of American emptiness, violence, and nonsense -- part exorcism and part enema! With styrofoam wings, x-mas lights, and ketchup.

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Body So Fluorescent

David Di Giovanni
What happened last night on the dance floor?  Two friends try to retrace their steps from the night before to figure out just how it all ended in an explosive...

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Bus to Lumberton

Josephine Decker
When you think David Lynch's "Blue Velvet", you may think of the eerie things that happen at night: like Dennis Hopper sucking on amyl nitrate or Kyle McLaughlin hiding in...

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Cake Shop

Betsy Stout
Betsy Stout will frost people's faces and parts. Wow!! Seems like a Jengo's Playhouse late night kind of event...

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Cory Howard
Campfireball is a hand stitched, multiform storytelling project that pursues new and old methods of entertainment, surprise and engagement in an effort to connect everyone to everything. The live experience...

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A festival tradition, Dance-a-lorus pushes boundaries by pairing filmmakers and choreographers for an exploration of film and dance. This live stage event encourages collaboration as a fundamental form of creative...

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Emcee Showcase

If you can't get enough of our charming emcees, this showcase is your chance to bask again in their onstage presence and many diverse talents.

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Joe Sellman-Leava
Worklight Theatre’s multi-award winning show is a funny, moving and honest story about mixed heritage and immigration. Charting a childhood in 90’s Devon, shifting political landscapes and global refugee crisis,...

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