Animal Law

Julia Gladstone, choreographer and performer
Running Time:30:00 minutes
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Animal Law is concerned with elucidating the subtle dynamics of child’s play as an allegory for the larger political strokes at hand in modern life. The condition of a jungle gym, or dog park, makes way for performers to stumble through the antics of trying to be together. Hiding, tricks, traps, mating calls, copy-cats, bullies, referees and goalies percolate the field in a series of maneuvers and attempts at playing “the game,” with others, when you don’t know the rules.

Julia Gladstone is an artist operating within the expanded field of choreography in order to figure socialities. She has presented independent and collaborative work at Center Chorégraphique National (FR), Volksroom (BE), Kelim Choreography (IS), Ada, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Ponderosa (DE), Abrons Art Center, Brick Theater, Judson Church, Rodi Gallery, Mall of Found (NY), Defibrillator Gallery, Links Hall (IL), Hampshire College (MA), and Inverse Performance Art Festival (AK). Awarded residencies include P.A.R.T.S (BE), Yasmeen Godder Studio (IS) and Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation (NY). She is a recipient of the DAAD Fellowship in Performing Arts.