Color Wheel

Rae Hample
Running Time:25:00 minutes
Event Date(s)

Color Wheel is a live color experience using shadow puppets, overhead projector, stop motion animation, and song! The piece is an exploration into our understanding of color and its effect on how we perceive the world around us. The entire production is a one-womxn spectacle.

Rae Red encourages laughter in the face of darkness by translating everyday realities into play. Their work exposes the magic and wonder within our daily functions, from the wizardry of sight and color theory, to the way water invisibly keeps our lives flowing smoothly like a ghost within the walls. They explore subjects that are universal like blood pumping through veins, while bringing light to the small deaths that re-occur continuously around us. Through performances across the United States Rae Red investigates topics that unite viewers by exposing commonalities while examining the disparate facets within them. They have presented their work in every type of space imaginable from dive bars, the and the backs of donut shops to The Museum of Human Achievement, High Concept Labs, and The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.