LiZez LIVE! A Play, Act V: 100 things (or so)(and counting) I’m learning from makings 100s of tiny versions of myself

Liz Clayton Scofield
Running Time:60:00 minutes
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LiZez LIVE! A Play, Act V is a loosely improvised performance and lifestream video making experiment.

Liz Clayton Scofield (they/them/their) is an interdisiciplinary artist, writer, wanderer, public crier, and collaborator currently based in Baltimore, MD. They received their MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington, and their BA from Vanderbilt University. They are interested in object performance, queer strategies and practices, play, transformations, and, like, so many things really! They are 70 percent water, 100 percent heart, and they wear it on their sleeve. Two of the most influential people in their life are cats.