What The River Knows

Alicia Inshiradu, writer, director and producer
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On 10 November 1898, in the thick of a white supremacist massacre and coup d’etat, a young black couple die a tragic death – Balaam Futrelle, the city’s only sign painter, murdered and buried in an abandoned slave cemetery after witnessing black bodies being thrown into the Cape Fear, while his wife Kitty expires delivering their only child in a dank swampy wood.  A hundred years later, when Bailey Futrelle, a self-absorbed expat artist, returns to his estranged family and the hometown he hates to bury his grandmother, he is forced to relive the last six months of his ancestors’ short life, unearthing century-old secrets of a family and city torn apart by politics, greed, jealousy, taboo relationships, murder, and a past from which they have yet to recover.