Submit Your Startup

We are accepting applications to be considered for participation in the 10x10 Challenge and the Rocket Pitch Competition at Cucalorus Connect. Startups must be under 3 years old to participate.

Application deadline: May 22

10x10 Challenge: 10 entrepreneurs are paired with 10 filmmakers and challenged to make a 4-minute promo video in five days during the festival. See the results from the 2018 10x10 Challenge.

Rocket Pitch Competition: Watch startups go head-to-head with just 90 seconds and one slide to capture audience votes in a fast-paced pitch competition.

Cucalorus Connect is a technology conference held as one of the three main components of the Cucalorus Festival in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.

The catalyst for Cucalorus Connect is the digital transformation that has changed the ways we live, work, and play. It has touched every aspect of the global economy and is driven by bold new traded sector companies. Innovative entrepreneurs from around the world join regional startups for connection, sharing, and collaboration through a two-day schedule packed with captivating keynotes, engaging breakouts, and interactive programs like the 10x10 Challenge and Rocket Pitches.

The Cucalorus Connect Conference is focused on exploring economic development with a refreshing approach to place-based event branding that enhances our quality of place, delivers an incredible quality of experience, and attracts today’s most sought after traded-sector employers. Unlike the escapist entertainment and educational practices of the 20th century, Cucalorus hosts interactive events that enhance, explode, and empower our experience of reality.

The film industry is a great example of how traded-sector employment drives economic development, employing highly skilled workers who earn premium wages. As a function of how the economy of film production works, they often have three or more different employers within one year. If you want a prime example of how the emerging “Gig Economy” works, just take a look at the film industry. In fact, Cucalorus is a special byproduct of this intersection between the gig economy and traded-sector employment, one of the many reasons for the organization’s seamless evolution from a grass-roots cultural organization into a foundation focused on economic development.