Submit Your Startup

Cucalorus Connect, a 2-day business, technology and innovation conference is now accepting applications for the 2019 Rocket Pitch Competition and 10x10 Challenge.

  • 10x10 Challenge: 10 entrepreneurs are paired with 10 filmmakers to make a short promo video in just five days during the festival. See the results from the 2018 10x10 Challenge.
  • Rocket Pitch Competition: Watch startups go head-to-head to capture audience votes in a fast-paced pitch competition.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Your Startup must be under 3 years old to be considered.
  • You must be available to attend Cucalorus from the Kickoff Party (November 10) to the final Startup event (November 15).

Application Deadline: June 5, 2019

The world is changing faster and faster every day. Social, cultural, and technological advancements are driving humanity toward a future that will create a new reality full of surprising new challenges and opportunities. We cannot experience the future – that is, we can’t see, hear, or smell it. So how will it actually feel to have autonomous vehicles? What role will robots play in our every day lives? Are we ready for artificial intelligences to manage everything from healthcare to sports and even the food on our table? What kind of human experience lays just beyond the horizon? Join us as we explore these topics at the Cucalorus Connect Conference to be held in Wilmington November 14-15 at the historic Brooklyn Arts Center. Connect is one of the three main sections of the 25th annual Cucalorus Festival which includes independent film, music, theatre, dance and more. Come for the business, stay for the party.

Through a dynamic program spanning all sectors, we will present, discuss, and debate how human stories – and our vision for the world around us – can capture our interest, create new business opportunities, and make our future a place that matters for everyone.



The Future of Work: By 2020, more than 43% of the US workforce will be Gig workers. Millenials and baby boomers enjoy the benefits of the Gig economy (i.e. work-life balance for millennials and extra income and low time commitment for retired baby boomers). However, it doesn’t come without its own challenges. New technologies and start up companies are helping Gig workers overcome these challenges and fueling the Gig economy’s continued growth.



The Future of Value: Technology has provided individuals with a broad spectrum of choices in the acquisition, saving, and spending of our wealth and value. These new choices include internet currencies, personal online banking and trading, crowdfund sourcing, and bartering systems. This track will explore the new options of finance and how they can and will affect us.



A Healthy Future for Everyone: Technology is providing value to patients and providers in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Game Theory are a few of the non-traditional information technologies used by the healthcare industry to understand our health challenges and improve our lifestyle. The HealthTech track is sponsored by tekMountain and NHRMC.



New Ventures for Everyone: Every new technology has to start somewhere. Many of the most influential technologies of our time had humble beginnings; think Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. This track showcases and provides support for local and regional start-ups. Come hear new ideas and see if you can find the next company that will influence your life.


Community Brew

Opportunity for Everyone: Access to capital is often the most difficult barrier to achieving racial equality and expanding economic opportunity to oppressed communities. This track reviews ongoing community initiatives around food, affordable housing, public spaces, and access to capital by examining innovative efforts to improve economic conditions for everyone.