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Sponsor the Cucalorus Festival

We love our Cuc24 sponsors! All Cucalorus sponsors are invited to a VIP experience with full-access festival passes, branding opportunities, and sweet swiggity swag.

If your company is interested in sponsoring Cuc 24 (November 7-11, 2018) please get in touch with us now to secure your spot on our sponsor list! It’ll be the most fun you can have in five days while branding your company at the region’s most ambitious event focused on arts, culture, technology, and more!

Email Kim Klein at development@cucalorus.org or call 910-343-5995.

And for all you Cucalorus fans, please show our sponsors some love! If you spot a human from one of these fantastic companies (listed below) out in the world, please give them a high five and a big ol’ “Thank you!”–they help make our magical 5-day festival fantasies become a reality!

Special thanks to our sponsors who help us make some sweet check presentations! Shout out to Enterprise (pictured left) for sponsoring the festival, and the Blake and Bailey Family Fund who gifted a special prize for the 2017 Rocket Pitch winner at the Connect Conference. Congrats to Brilliant Sole (above) on the win!


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