Tarheel Shorties Film Festival

Tarheel Shorties showcases a slate of the coolest indie films from North Carolina artists. The 4th annual Tarheel Shorties Film Festival kicks off in Wilson, North Carolina with a mix of indoor screenings at the historic Edna Boykin Cultural Center.This homegrown festival highlights films created with roots in North Carolina. The festival was launched ten years ago to showcase the legacy of indie film in NC showcasing filmmakers like Norwood Cheek, Francesca Talenti, Dave Monahan, and dozens of the states most talented creators. Join us as we plant Tarheel Shorties in Wilson, NC for many years to come. Check out our 2020 programming below!

Main Shorts Program

5:00pm | Experimental/Animation

Whirligigs at Night

William Howard | 3:15 | Wilson, NC

An abstract film of the details of the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson, NC at night.


Bill Brown | 6:18 | Chapel Hill, NC

Leaving one hometown and looking for the next one.

Solitary Confinement

Raquel Salvatella de Prada | 1:00 | Durham, NC

Solitary Confinement is a visual representation on an excerpt from prisoner Chris McBride’s letter to the newspaper Indy Week dated on July 4th 2012.

After The Reign

Jennifer Scully-Thurston | 1:00 | Raleigh, NC

Kindred Kings

Tre Gray | 6:03

Kindred Kings is a poetic visual piece that explores freedom and true versatility for the black man.

5:45pm | Documentary


Mi Casita

Yolanda House | 5:17 | Wilmington, NC

Mi Casita tells the story of a family and their struggle to stay in their home after Hurricane Florence.

Hui Chi Lee: Hair Process

Erin Durham, Craig Dillenbeck | 4:55 | Boone, NC

Artist Hui Chi Lee speaks about her inspiration and process of working with hair to create her large-scale drawings and sculpture.

Diary of a Garden Chile

Vittles Films | 8:34 | Durham, NC

Diary of a Garden Chile shares the stories of Black farmers and growers throughout the Carolina’s, their sacred foodways, a new generations’ interpretation of rural bounty, and a knack for turning misfortune into abundance.

Mrs. Buck in Her Prime

Erick Green | 10:47 | Washington, NC

This short documentary film tells the story of an irrepressible 104 y.o. pianist who, despite her many infirmaries, determinedly plays at her small town church services.

All the Possibilities…

Marsha Gordon, Louis Cherry | 16:16 | Raleigh, NC

All the Possibilities… is a documentary meditation on artist Vernon Pratt’s 1,450 square foot systematic abstraction painting which was completed in 1982 but only recently exhibited posthumously and for the first time.

7:00pm | Drama


Get A Job

Zoe Scretchings | 5:00

Mac is a smart, creative guy who’s into video games. But he’s also 22 years old, unemployed, and still living at home with his parents, much to their dismay.

Angela Isn’t Changed

Samantha Hawkins | 3:32

Angela makes last-minute preparations before a first date.

Short Form

Will Kindrachuk | 9:44

A teenager experiences an anxiety attack during a live improv performance.


Shawn Pinner | 10:22 | Youngsville, NC

Dr. Blackwell, an expert in treating hoarder disorders, finds herself in a deadly situation when she breaks the rules of her disabled patient, Mr. Brownstone.

Long Drive To Yadkin

Parrish Stikeleather | 12:46

A man walks into a barber shop for one last haircut.

The Black Baptism

Stephanie Diane Ford | 20:18 | Durham, NC

Informed by a mysterious voice, an imprisoned young woman must pass a series of enigmatic tests or face a violent death as the terrifying situation unlocks a dormant power in this story of courage and redemption.


Edna Boykin Cultural Center

108 Nash St NE

Wilson, NC 27893

Whirligig Park

301 Goldsboro St S

Wilson, NC 27893

Da Bayou

124 Barnes St SW #3902

Wilson, NC 27893