Holy fatcats! Cucalorus just got superkiiiiided.

Dan’s pikks 3:
Hey festy friends. I’ve gotten a little backed up on my time staring at this little machine here – with over 90 filmmakers in attendance I’m getting to meet all the great makers whose films we’ve been raving about at Jengo’s in the past several months. So my time has been well spent. If you haven’t made it out yet, today’s the day!

I’m getting started at Thalian with breakfast at the cafe (yeah, they’ve got breakfast too!) and then heading in to see FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO. Despite Ben Steelman’s slam, I think this is one of the best films in the festival. No one is telling this side of the story and the film does a great job of analyzing some of the historical mis-interpretations in the bible. Abominations are great!

In order to save a little time, the rest of my picks will be brief:
WE ARE TOGETHER – audience award winner in Edinburgh, playing with the best short in the fest I WANT TO BE A PILOT

WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED – a great North Carolina story, massive gospel activity before and after

WAITER – just damn funny, and then it gets funnier and then your face hurts from so much funny – like a European Superkiiiiid

THE LEGACY – I’m becoming a big fan of Gela Babluani, had odd thriller in Cuc 12 called 13 TZAMETI

CHIAYI SYMPHONY – Stefano Giannotti is the biggest hit of Cucalorus 13, you gotta meet this awesome man from Italy

RIBEYE SHORTS – horror and hacking in Meg Lansaw’s favorite block of the fest!

See you guys at the moooooovies!
And watch out for the Superkiiiiiiiiiiids!