2022 Filmed in NC Application

The Filmed in NC Fund supports the production of indie film and video projects by artists who are permanent residents of North Carolina, or who are full-time students at colleges or universities in North Carolina living full-time in NC. The Filmed in NC Fund is made possible through a partnership between the NC Film Office, the Cucalorus Film Foundation, and by a gift from Artless Media in conjunction with The Magnifying Glass. It is intended to support the development and production of new and ongoing projects with total budgets under $250,000. Projects are supported with funds ranging from $500 to $3,000 per project.

The Filmed in NC Fund supports emerging and established artists with a proven record for producing singular and original work, exhibiting potential for meaningful community impact and generating substantial economic activity in North Carolina. Projects at various stages of production (existing and new projects) are eligible to apply. The program supports narrative, documentary, and experimental films. The program prioritizes funding for female filmmakers, filmmakers of color and LGBTQ+ identifying filmmakers, but anyone and everyone is encouraged to apply.

Submission Deadline: June 23, 2022

Notification date for all applicants will be in September and a public announcement of the awards along with a presentation of the checks will happen during the 28th annual Cucalorus Film Festival, November 16-20, 2022.


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