5 days, who’s counting


Six paper fish
made merry on my day
email, phone it, fax it
I’m throwing it in the can.

So it’s five days before Cucalorus 14.
Are you ready?

Here are a few suggestions from our staff about ways to prepare yourself for Cucalorus 14:
1. Polish your glasses – reading, shot and slipper
2. Turn off your TeeVee, purify eyeballs
3. Fiber
4. Prepare will in case brain explodes from awesomeness
5. Get plenty of sleep
6. Quit job
7. Eat lightning salad, dressing on side
8. Reserve tophat from local haberdashery
9. Practice looking cool in mirror
10. Call Mayor Saffo to see which films he likes
11. Order blue pills, enhancement patch
12. Wash underwear (or turn inside out)
13. Smoke @#*^
14. Begin alcohol training
15. Pour some out for your homies
16. Do not eat parsley, no one eats parsley
17. Procure ingredients
18. Get keys to the van
19. Buy tickets to Deadgirl
20. Rent Galaxy Quest
21. Buy 400 festival passes