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The Cucalorus Film Festival will kick off festivities with The Dance Cooperative this Wednesday with Dance-a-lorus, a synthesis of dance and film in a live stage event that champions collaboration as a fundamental form of creative expression in a unique sensory experience. Filmmakers have paired with choreographers to create 9 interactive performances, ranging from artistic abstraction to dramatic documentary.

Dancealorus '13

Dance-a-lorus ’13

Much like the interaction between music and the moving image, dancers engage the medium in a dialogue, inspiring audience members to intellectually and emotionally participate on a much deeper level. (No, we won’t make you get up and dance..save that for one of our dance workshops!)

Some highlights from this year’s lineup include:

-“Love or Not,” explores themes of love in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby,” and the profound effect love can have on us.

-“Silent Shout,” provides a thoughtful commentary on the constant rush and varied sources of information our generation is exposed to and how we each try to grapple with this overwhelming overload in different ways.

"Silent Shout" will premiere at Dance-a-lorus on Wednesday.

“Silent Shout” will premiere at Dance-a-lorus on Wednesday.

-“Crawl Space Lovers” offers a new way of finding oneself by an investigation of risk-taking as a vehicle to discover deeper and more intense pleasures.

-“Two Twin Brothers” examines various points of view surrounding the pivotal events of 9/11 and its consequences

Actors in "Crawl Space" explore some risk-taking techniques

Actors in “Crawl Space” explore some risk-taking techniques

-“Capture” is a structured improv performance that centers around 2 humans and various Apple equipment.

-“The Devils Are Really Angels” is a meditation on the allure of the earthly and the freedom found in renunciation

"The Devils are Really Angels"

“The Devils Are Really Angels” will premiere at Dance-a-lorus.

-“In the Pines” pulls its inspiration from an ancient Japanese poem as a meditation on solitude.

-“Lexicon” utilizes a game board as a platform that the dancers must navigate on a journey that begins with instructional narration and graduates to adventures with a puppet named Lu.

Dancers assemble on a game board in "Lexicon."

Dancers assemble on a game board in “Lexicon.”

-“A Home is a Home is a Home” explores the notion of “home,” capturing a range of emotion as it investigates multiple narratives of home.


Film and Dance meet in this multimedia art form

Film and Dance co-exist in this multimedia art form

Come experience one of the festival’s most popular traditions of interactive art at 7 p.m. Nov. 12, at Thalian Hall.

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