Cucalorus Keepin’ it Green

Cucalorus Film Foundation works to create a healthy and sustainable environment for its guests, employees and community. Check out our current sustainable practices below – all the little things we’re doing every day to be better stewards of our planet. We hope you will join us by following our water and waste management plans. We’re grateful to be working alongside North Carolina  companies with environmental initiatives like the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, UNCW, Boot Scraps, NC Green Travel, and Ocean Friendly Establishments. Cucalorus will continue seeking new ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We water the weird here!

  • Recyclable popcorn, candy and drink containers are offered in Jengo’s Concessions
  • Dual stream waste management with landfill cans and recycling cans are used at Jengo’s
  • On-site composting at Jengo’s Playhouse and Wabi Sabi Warehouse
  • The festival focuses on creating a walkable environment to reduce automobile emissions.
  • Jengo’s Playhouse offers free reverse osmosis water jugs with paper cups.
  • Jengo’s Playhouse does not allow single-use plastic water and drink bottles.
  • Wabi Sabi Warehouse and Jengo’s Playhouse feature natural lighting from skylights.
  • Paper used for the festival program guide is recyclable.
  • Jengo’s bar uses glasses instead of disposable glassware.
  • Cucalorus runs a community garden with figs, vegetables, flowers, butterflies, etc.
  • We showcase films about sustainability issues and stories about resilient communities.
  • Recycled cotton swag bags are sponsored by the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher.