Adopt a Cucalorus filmmaker


Visiting Cucalorus filmmakers Matt Hulse and Elizabeth Lawrence

Hosts needed for the 19th annual Cucalorus Film Festival
Do you have an extra bedroom, futon or cozy garage space available to house a talented filmmaker? Cucalorus is bringing in GOBS of filmmakers for the annual cinematic celebration (Nov. 13-17) and they need somewhere to rest their noggins. Most filmmakers will be attending screenings and events throughout the day and evening and the festival provides lots of free food and transportation to the airport and around town, so they typically only need a warm bed and cheery disposition.
The Adopt-a-Filmmaker program has become a tradition at Cucalorus and many filmmaker hosts have formed lifelong friendships with visiting artists. It’s also a great way to help the local cultural community AND you’ll earn FREE pass to the festival. Contact our travel coordinator ( to find out how you can help.