Apply to be a part of Cucalorus 10×10


Calling all bold, spicy, and adventurous entrepreneurs and new businesses! Cucalorus welcomes you to submit an application to participate in the 10×10 project. Part of the Cucalorus Festival, this program pairs ten entrepreneurs with ten filmmakers and challenges them to make a film together in less than a week. The project is made possible through a partnership between Cucalorus, CastleBranch Inc.’s tekMountain innovation incubator, and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Program organizers see 10×10 as an opportunity to introduce young creatives to emerging businesses and to showcase the growing community of entrepreneurs working in the Cape Fear Region.

Norwood Cheek originally brought 10×10 to Cucalorus 17 as part of the festival’s retrospective on his work. Bands and filmmakers joined together to create music videos during the week of the festival while Cheek created a mini-documentary on the music scene in Wilmington. All videos were screened for audiences on the last day of the festival, followed by a Q&A with the artists. 10×10 was resurrected and restructured with this new entrepreneurial spin for the 20th anniversary Cucalorus Film Festival.  Collaborations included the Greensboro-based living museum Elsewhere, whimsical retail store Edge of Urge, and our friends at the North Carolina Black Film Festival. (Watch the full lineup of 2014 10×10 vids on our YouTube channel.)

Norwood Cheek, music video extraordinaire and visionary behind Cucalorus 10x10.

Norwood Cheek, music video extraordinaire and visionary behind Cucalorus 10×10.

“We had a great response last year, so we knew that this was an area for continued exploration and experimentation,” said Cucalorus artistic director Dan Brawley. 10×10 participants will experience a unique, highly interactive side of Cucalorus; in addition to creating their film during the November festival, filmmaker and entrepreneur duos will attend a host of events that week, including the 10×10 kickoff party at tekMountain and a screening of their completed projects on the last day of the fest.

Interested entrepreneurs and filmmakers should apply here to be a part of 10×10. Spots are open to businesses of all industries, personalities, locations, and shoe sizes.

Participants of the 10x10 program 2014 gather onstage to look pretty and answer some audience questions.

Participants of the 2014 10×10 program gather onstage to discuss their experience.